Forever Ain't Forever feat. Siya & Gift of Gab (Lyric Video)

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About the song:

Last year we were blessed with a verse from a rapper who goes by the name of, ‪#‎SIYA‬ . An incredible female MC from Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY. She has also become the star of a Reality T.V. show called, ‪#‎SisterhoodofHipHop‬ and released tracks with ‪#‎ChrisBrown‬ and ‪#‎Tank‬.

Our homie ‪#‎KnightRiderz‬ (Knick) based out of Canada created for us a future trap beat and we released the song, Show Up feat. Siya. Within the track, he chopped up a few lyrics of hers that went, “I ain’t worried bout forever, cuz forever ain’t forever. Cuz i’m living for the moment.” After we released the song, that part in particular wouldn’t get out of our heads. When we were crafting our new album, I shared this clip with Geoff and Rob and we started to conceptualize a new song about simply living in the moment.

When the song was in the works, we had an open slot for a verse. It just so happened ‪#‎GiftofGab‬ was in San Diego... it was a no brainer!

I'll never forget the first time I heard ‪#‎AlphabetAerobics‬ by The Gift of Gab...Remember yours? I mean, a decade plus later and you probably heard ‪#‎HarryPotter‬ bust it out and go viral or some other copy cat version trying to re-create a song using the alphabet, A-Z! It's one of those tracks that redefined the amazingness that is WestCoast "Conscious Hip Hop". That bay area crew, ‪#‎Blackalicious‬, and the good folks of‪ #‎QuannumProjects‬ really gave us all something new to wrap our ears around. MC's like, Gift of Gab with that intelligence flow through word play and lyrical intention, helped hip us to the potential depth words could move upon a beat.

When he asked what we should write about, I told him the hook was built around the line ‪#‎ForeverAintForever‬. We briefly discussed the time continuum, the infinite pulse of the moment and the expansion of "forever" through the now...You know the usual, yada yada yada 

This is our song, Forever Ain't Forever feat. Siya & Gift of Gab. Inspired by a few of the great things in life. We hope you enjoy this moment as much as we did.




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