It's no secret, these days artists rarely make much off of their music sales. After iTunes and the rest of the big services take their fees we're left with pretty much a few pennies on the dollar. Don't get us wrong, this is not why we do it. We make art because it's something we've always loved to create. There's really no better feeling then someone telling you what your song, your words and you sound all meant to them. Probably one of the best feelings we could ask for. But, obviously making the art takes time and time can often mean money. We offer up our music for FREE on SoundCloud and BandCamp so you can go there and stream and/or download. However, if you'd like to donate to what we do, we'd greatly appreciate it. In the meantime we'll continue to make music and grow our good kompany. And please sign up here so you can get info first on what's new with the Vokab Kompany.